First Lady Melania Trump Has Not Reached Out To Dr. Jill Biden

There is a tradition that accompanies transitioning out of the White House. For decades, first ladies have followed protocols to ensure the comfort of the next to come. First lady Melania Trump is changing that tradition. A source told CNN that Melania Trump has yet to reach out to Dr. Jill Biden.

“It’s my understanding that its business as usual in the East Wing,” said the source.

“I’m not sure it’s fair for anyone to expect them to start transitioning when the President has not yet conceded,” the source added.

The source believes that if the president concedes the East Wing of the White House will be ‘gracious’ and ‘professional.’ Capricia Penavic, who served as special assistant to Hilary Clinton when her husband Bill Clinton was president, and then Clinton’s White House social secretary, and the author of “Protocol: The Power of Diplomacy” believes that the task won’t be easy.

“This transition is going to be a daunting task, even though Dr. Biden is familiar with the White House and extremely capable,” said Penavic.

The days between election and inauguration are crucial.

“By now, there would have been at least a conveyance of notes between the current East Wing and the first lady elect’s team, to talk about dates and schedules and what needs begin to take place,” the source said.

It’s not easy losing – let’s just hope that this transition is as smooth as possible.

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