Baller Alert is excited to announce the launch of Poli Alert, a new blog platform that will cover civics 101 and political news. Poli Alert’s main focus is to help readers understand their rights and duties as citizens. Poli Alert is actively covering all things surrounding elections. It also touches base on national security, civics, and foreign affairs.

”We believe Poli Alert will become to politics what Baller Alert is to the culture at large.”

The blog is operated by a professional writing staff that will cover the main stories of the day as well as areas of particular interest to our readers. From breaking news to interviews, Poli Alert will be a place for our readers to come and gain insight into our political system and use that knowledge to be fully engaged citizens.


How To Reach Us

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E-mail: polialertcom@gmail.com. Will respond within 48 hours.


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Our News Team


Jimmy Williams


Jimmy attended Coppin State University in Maryland. He has been a writer and a social media manager for various outlets.