Deutsche Bank Wants To Sever Ties With President Trump

Donald Trump continues to make headlines. According to three bank officials, Deutsche Bank wants to sever ties with President Trump because they are tired of their relationship’s negative publicity.

President Trump has about $340 million in outstanding loans from the bank. The president is up-to-date with his payments. The payments are due in two years, according to the bank officials. One of the officials said that the banks had loaned the president over $2 billion.

The bank has had a relationship with President Trump since the 1990s and has been yanked into congressional and other investigations concerning President Trump’s finances.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, who sits on the Senate banking committee, has called out Deutsche Bank for their practices.

“You bet I’m going to continue to fight for accountability and strong enforcement of our banking laws, especially for giant institutions like Deutsche Bank,” Warren said.

Bank officials say it is easier to collect their money now that Trump has been voted out of office.

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