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Infrastructure Proposal Includes $5 Billion For Violence Prevention Programs

President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure initiative, the “American Jobs Plan,” includes a $5 billion investment towards community-based violence prevention programs. “The crisis on gun violence has destroyed Black and Brown communities for decades. Our pain, our trauma and our lives have been lost for too long without action,” the Community …

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President Trump Vetoes Defense Bill

President Donald Trump vetoed the $741 billion defense bill, sending Congress into overtime to override his veto. “My administration has taken strong actions to help keep our Nation safe and support our service members,” President Trump wrote in a message. “I will not approve this bill, which would put the …

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Biden Hires All-Female Senior Communications Team

President-elect Joe Biden has made good on his promises of creating a diverse administration. He has announced his economics and communications team that consists of mostly women, including several of color. As America grapples with triple issues—the coronavirus, economic crisis, and racial tension—Biden has presented a diverse administration, including Neera …

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Republicans Back Biden, Saying He Should Get Intel Briefings

The transition of power isn’t coming easy. Trump is still not acknowledging that Joe Biden won the Presidential election. The federal general services administration administrator refuses to sign a letter of ‘ascertainment.’ Republican Congress members are getting involved, saying that Biden should be receiving classified intelligence briefings. “This needs to …

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