Dr. Ben Carson Recounts His Battle With COVID-19

On Wednesday, Dr. Ben Carson conducted his first interview since contracting COVID-19. Carson discussed his full experience with Martha MacCallum.

“I think we need to emphasize that there are certain people in our society who are vulnerable. People with comorbidities, older people, and especially older adults with comorbidities. In my case, I’m 69 years old. Many people think I don’t look that old, but I am, and I have several co-morbidities.

The Housing and Urban Development Secretary suffered from fever, chills, and aches. He also expressed not being able to “keep water down.”

“It wasn’t so bad. I took some oleander extract. Then the bottom fell out. Because of the comorbidities, I couldn’t mount an appropriate antibody response, and I deteriorated very rapidly.” he said.

According to Carson, Donald Trump signed papers allowing him to take monoclonal antibodies. The treatment was not FDA approved at the time. He is urging everyone to be aware of alternatives to the  COVID-19 vaccine.

“I think the thing we need to emphasize the most is that people need to understand who are the vulnerable people. And we have to protect them. I’m not sure we need to hibernate and be afraid, but we need to educate ourselves. It’s not just older adults. It can be young people who have obesity or diabetes or who have some respiratory issues. So we need to educate ourselves, work with your health care professional, find out who the vulnerable people are in your family, and make sure we protect them.” Carson said.


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