2 Alaska Health Workers Suffer From Allergic Reactions After Receiving Pfizer’s Vaccine

Two health care workers from Bartlett Regional Hospital in Juneau, Alaska, suffered from allergic reactions after receiving Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine. According to Health officials, the cases will not stop the distribution of the vaccine.

The first woman affected has zero histories of allergies. Ten minutes after receiving the vaccine, she suffered an anaphylactic reaction. As her heart rate increased rapidly, a rash appeared over her face and torso.

She received steroids and an epinephrine drip. According to the hospital’s emergency department medical director Lindy Jones, the woman’s symptoms were reemerging. As a result, the woman was moved to the intensive care unit.

The second worker’s reaction also began 10 minutes after the injection. He suffered from eye puffiness, lightheadedness, and a scratchy throat. According to the hospital, he received epinephrine, Pepcid, and Benadryl.

“We have no plans to change our vaccine schedule, dosing, or regimen,” Dr. Anne Zink, Alaska’s chief medical officer, said in a statement.

Vaccine expert Dr. Paul A. Offit had recommendations for the Food and Drug Administration. He believes they should authorize the Pfizer vaccine for emergency use. The rule would require the hospital to monitor recipients for at least 15 minutes following vaccination.

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