Nataé Robinson, Also Known as Queen Tay or Tay Yonce is an Pan Afrikan Journalist From NYC. Nataé Pledges to re-write America’s narrative for the betterment of its citizens.

Stacey Abrams Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

Voting rights activist Stacey Abrams been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. . Adams and her team played a key role in advocating for black voters to participate in the past elections. Fair Fight Action was integral in increasing Black voter turnout in Georgia this election cycle. “Abrams, work follows in Dr. …

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Former President Donald Trump Is Potentially Facing Eviction


Former President Donald Trump is potentially facing eviction. Trump planned to utilize Mar-a-Lago Club as his residence despite the length-of-stay provision he agreed to three decades ago. There are several restrictions in the document that prohibit Trump from utilizing Mar-a-Lago Club as a residence.  Trump purchased the estate in 1985. …

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Amazon Offers To Help Biden With Vaccine Distribution

President Joe Biden officially took office Wednesday, January 20, 2020. During his first hours, Amazon sent Biden promising a letter. The company offered their assistance distributing the coronavirus vaccine. Biden plans to vaccinate 100 million Americans within the next 100 days. According to Amazon’s CEO of consumer business, the company will …

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Biden Names Jaime Harrison As His Pick For DNC Chair

President-elect Joe Biden has nominated Jaime Harrison as his choice for the Democratic National Committee’s new chair. Harrison is a former South Carolina Democratic party chair. DNC members will cast their votes the day after Biden’s inauguration, January 21st. Biden also nominated Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms as his choice for DNC’s vice …

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New York City Ends Contracts With The Trump Organization

New York City plans to terminate its business relationships with President Donald Trump. The decision was made as a result of last week’s US Capitol Riots. Donald Trump has been impeached for the second time. The president incited the violent acts of the domestic terrorist who attempted to overthrow the US government. The riot …

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AOC Thought She Would Die At Capitol Riot

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Instagram to express the trauma she experienced during the Capitol riot. During the live video, she said she thought she “was going to die.  The Democrat was very hesitant in providing full details of events inside of the capitol. “I did not know if I …

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25 Domestic Terrorism Cases Opened After US Capitol Breach

Capitol Riots

America is refusing to stand for Wednesday’s Trump-supporting riot at the US Capitol. The breach was a threat to national security. According to a news release from Democratic Rep. Jason Crow’s office, The Federal Government will take action against Trump’s rioters. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told the congressman that 25 …

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