Women Account For More Than Half Of White House Staff

According to a personnel report delivered to Congress last week, the White House under President Joe Biden is staffed by the most women and employees who are members of ethnic or racial minority groups of any administration in recorded history.

“In alignment with the President’s commitment to diversity and pay equity, the White House has taken significant steps to ensure the White House staff reflects the diversity of the country and the highest standards (of) economic and social justice for all,” the White House said.

According to a fact sheet released, women make up approximately 60% of the personnel in the White House and 50% are senior staff members.

The announcement comes as the White House releases an annual report to Congress on staff.

“The Biden-Harris Administration is the most diverse Administration in history. Building an Administration that looks like America has been a long-standing commitment of the President, both in terms of White House staff and presidential appointees across the federal government,” a White House fact sheet says.

The annual report will include the salaries of those in the executive office. According to the report, women earn $93,752 on average and men earn $94,639.

“Each pay band relates to job descriptions that are associated with certain competencies, skills, and experience, and the structure ensures that all those hired at the same level are paid the same. Pay bands also help ensure that, regardless of gender or race, those completing similar work are paid the same,” the White House said.

In addition to White House staff, the President has the most diverse Cabinet in US history, which includes the first LGBTQ Cabinet secretary confirmed by the Senate, first Native American Cabinet secretary, first female Treasury secretary, first African American secretary of defense, first Latino Secretary of Health and Human Services and first Asian American US trade representative.

Vice President Kamala Harris is the first female, first Black and first South Asian vice president.


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