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Biden Promises Help To Tackle Drug Addiction Crisis

The Biden Administration revealed its first-year plan to address the nation’s addiction crisis, with 7 priorities highlighted and a focus on the inequality of treatment access. In a video message delivered during the 10th annual Drug and Heroin Summit, President Biden noted that fatal opioid overdoses surged last year as …

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A Look At President Biden’s First Judicial Nominees

President Biden today announced his intent to nominate 10 individuals to serve as Federal Circuit and District Court judges, and one individual to serve as a Superior Court Judge for the District of Columbia. The list released by the White House includes Black, Muslim, and Asian American Pacific Islander candidates …

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President Biden To Nominate Lina Khan As FTC Commissioner

Today, President Joe Biden announced his intent to nominate Lina Khan for Commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission. Khan is an associate professor of law at Columbia Law School, where she teaches and writes about antitrust law, infrastructure industries law, and the antimonopoly tradition. At 32, Khan would be the …

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House Passes Bills To Expand Gun Background Checks

The House on Thursday approved a pair of bills that would expand and strengthen background checks for gun purchasers. In votes that fell largely along party lines, the House passed legislation that would require background checks for all gun buyers and extend the time given to the FBI to vet …

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Biden Aims To Make All Adults Vaccine Eligible By May 1

President Joe Biden used his first prime-time address on Thursday night to announce that he is directing states to make all American adults eligible for a coronavirus vaccine no later than May 1. Biden began his address from the White House by honoring Americans’ “collective suffering” over the past year. …

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