Schumer To Recommend Three Black Lawyers For US Attorney Offices In NY

Senator Chuck Schumer announced today that he will recommend three exceptional attorneys to serve as the United States Attorneys in the Southern, Eastern and Western District offices of New York.

Schumer will forward the names of Damian Williams for the Southern District, Breon Peace for the Eastern District, and Trini Ross for the Western District to President Joe Biden and the Department of Justice (DOJ).

It is the first time ever that three African American leaders would fill these critical positions in the DOJ.

“All three of these superb and accomplished attorneys have dedicated their careers to equal justice under the law and will bring a passion for the rule of law, civil rights and justice to their respective posts, as well as profound integrity and expertise to their offices,” said Schumer.

“I am confident all three of these legal leaders will pursue the facts and justice without fear or favor and will greatly help rebuild public confidence in an unbiased and professional Department of Justice. I am particularly proud to recommend the first African American to lead what many consider the most consequential prosecutorial office in America, the Southern District,” Schumer continued.   

“In recommending each of these experienced and talented leaders for such important positions, I am confident that the lives of all New Yorkers will be made better and that these prosecutors will work hard to confront wrongdoing in all its forms in a fair and focused manner. Each of these exemplary public servants embodies the phrase ‘equal justice for all’ and holds a deep understanding that the work ahead will require solid, steady and unwavering leadership to ensure this state—and this country—deliver a fairer, more inclusive and just future for each and every one of us.”



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