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Congress Approves $2.5 Trillion Debt Limit Increase

United States Capitol

On Tuesday, Congress voted to raise the national debt limit by $2.5 trillion and extend it into 2023, narrowly avoiding a midweek deadline that would have sent the United States into default. The House approved the measure by a 221-209 party-line vote to raise the federal government’s debt limit to …

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Bipartisan Deal Reached On $2.1 Billion Capitol Security Bill

us capitol

Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Vice Chairman Richard Shelby (R-AL) on Tuesday announced a $2.1 billion bipartisan agreement that would bolster Capitol Hill security and fund the relocation of Afghans who helped the U.S. government during the war, according to top lawmakers in that chamber. The bipartisan pact …

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DOJ Subpoenaed Apple For Information On Democrats Under Trump


An Intelligence Committee official has confirmed to CNN that prosecutors in the Department of Justice (DOJ) subpoenaed Apple for data on House Intelligence Committee Democrats during President Donald Trump‘s administration. “The Committee has continued to seek additional information, but the Department has not been forthcoming in a timely manner, including on …

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Senate Overwhelmingly Passes Anti-Asian Hate Crime Bill

The Senate passed an anti-Asian hate crime bill after a series of attacks against Asian Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Racism has always existed in America unfortunately and the legacy of anti-Asian sentiment goes back centuries to dark chapters in our history, like the Chinese-exclusion act and the internment of …

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