President Trump Vetoes Defense Bill

President Donald Trump vetoed the $741 billion defense bill, sending Congress into overtime to override his veto.

“My administration has taken strong actions to help keep our Nation safe and support our service members,” President Trump wrote in a message. “I will not approve this bill, which would put the interest of the Washington, D.C. establishment over those of the American people.”

This year marked the 60th year that the National Defense Authorization Act has gotten congressional approval. Earlier this month, the Senate approved the bill 84-13, while the House passed the bill by a vote of 335-78. Congress will have until January 3 to override the veto. The House will reconvene on December 28 to vote to override the veto. The Senate will do their voting the following day.

“I would hope that we would be able to override the veto,” Jim Inhofe, a senator from Oklahoma, told a Capitol Hill reporter. “I think I have reason to be confident.”

President Trump wanted Congress to “terminate” Section 230 which provides legal protection for social media companies over content from third parties and users.

“The biggest winner of our new defense bill is China! I will veto!” Trump tweeted.

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