President Biden Vows to Continue Reelection Bid Amid Rising Pressure from Democrats

Jimmy Williams

President Joe Biden vowed on Wednesday to continue his reelection campaign, dismissing growing pressure from Democrats to withdraw after his poor debate performance raised doubts about his ability to campaign and win in November.

“Let me say this as clearly as I possibly can: I am running … no one’s pushing me out,” Biden asserted in a call with his reelection campaign staffers. “I’m not leaving. I’m in this race to the end and we’re going to win.”

Biden’s stance comes amid signs of waning support. Two Democratic lawmakers have called on him to exit the race, and a prominent ally has publicly suggested alternatives for the party. Senior aides believe Biden has just days to prove he is up to the challenge before party anxiety escalates.

In private, Biden has been focusing on understanding his debate missteps and addressing the threat posed by former President Donald Trump. He has sought feedback from allies, including Senator Chris Coons, who shared, “He wanted advice…on what he should do to restore confidence and support, and what’s the best path forward.”

Biden’s strategy to regain footing involves impromptu appearances with campaign aides, discussions with senior lawmakers, extensive travel, and a network television interview. Despite these efforts, there are strong indications that support is eroding, especially on Capitol Hill.

Representative Raúl Grijalva of Arizona remarked, “This is an opportunity to look elsewhere,” and emphasized that Biden must shoulder the responsibility for the upcoming election.

Senior advisers acknowledge Biden’s urgency to demonstrate his fitness for office but remain confident he can turn the situation around in the coming days. On Wednesday night, Biden met with over 20 Democratic governors who, despite concerns about a potential Trump victory, expressed support for Biden. “The president is our nominee. The president is our party leader,” said Maryland Governor Wes Moore.

Despite reassuring words, notable figures like Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings have called for Biden to step aside, advocating for a “vigorous Democratic leader” to defeat Trump.

Representative Jim Clyburn suggested a “mini-primary” if Biden were to withdraw, offering a potential alternative path for the party. Clyburn expressed concern over Biden’s debate performance, which he described as “concerning.”

The Biden campaign has faced criticism for its delayed response to the debate fallout, with calls for more direct engagement with senior party members and the public to address concerns about Biden’s capabilities.

While most Democratic lawmakers are waiting to see how the situation unfolds, there is a growing demand for Biden to demonstrate his commitment and fitness for the presidency. Vice President Kamala Harris has emerged as a potential alternative, along with Governors Gavin Newsom of California and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan.

In a bid to rally support, Biden and Harris made a surprise appearance on a campaign call, emphasizing the importance of defeating Trump. “Just as we beat Donald Trump in 2020, we’re going to beat him again in 2024,” Biden declared. Harris echoed, “We will not back down. We will follow our president’s lead. We will fight, and we will win.”

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre affirmed Biden’s intention to stay in the race, stating, “Absolutely not,” when asked if Biden would consider stepping down.

Despite ongoing efforts to boost morale and address concerns, Biden faces significant challenges in convincing his party and the public of his readiness for another term.

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