Multiple States Coming Together To Replace The Electoral College

Multiple states are banding together in an initiative that will replace the Electoral College ahead of future presidential elections. This would change the way that presidential candidates are selected.

Colorado voters are the latest to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. This agreement is demanding that states award their electoral votes to whichever candidate wins the popular vote. As of now, 15 states and the District of Columbia have joined the call to action.

The states that have joined the pact all agreed that it would not go into effect immediately. It was decided that the required 270 thresholds would have to be reached first. So far, the states in the compact have covered 196 of the 270 votes needed. Once the 270 is reached, states can use their Electoral College votes to elect a winner according to the popular vote, according to NBC News.

Sylvia Bernstein, the coalition coordinator for the Yes on National Popular Vote campaign, feels that the popular vote is the only vote that should determine the president.

“It shouldn’t be a partisan issue,” Bernstein explained. “The reason why people should support the national popular vote is pretty simple. … The candidate with the most votes should win, just the way it happens in every other election in this country.”

In 2006, Colorado’s Senate became the first to try and implement the national popular vote. However, the legislation failed. Governor Jared Polis signed it into law last year. Again, the measure did not fall through. Coloradans Vote successfully challenged it by gathering enough signatures to ask voters to repeal the law.

The compact has been supported by Democrats and Republicans alike.

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