Rudy Giuliani Featured A Sex Offender At Press Conference

A sex offender was called on by President Donald Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani,  to be a witness for voter fraud allegations.

Daryl Brooks, a GOP poll watcher, was convicted in the 1990s for sexual assault, lewdness, and endangering the welfare of a minor.

“They did not allow us to see anything. Was it corrupt or not? But give us an opportunity as poll watchers to view all the documents – all of the ballots,” said Brooks.

Political insiders were amazed to see Brooks at the podium speaking.

“I started watching it, and all of a sudden I was like, there’s New Jersey’s perennial candidate claiming to live in Philadelphia and Giuliani claiming him to be a poll watcher and Philadelphia resident,” said Trenton Mayor Reed Gusciora.

Brooks said he didn’t think his conviction was relevant. He said that Giuliani was seeking the truth.

“I’m not sure, but all he asked – he was asking about the truth. I told him the truth, and the other ones told him the truth,” said Brooks.

Brooks believes he was set up by the cops after being convicted of sex crimes and endangerment.

“I went to prison for three-and-a-half years. That’s what they said I did. I was 25-years-old,” declared Brooke. “I was an activist, always doing the right thing. They lied to me. The cops set me up.”

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