Michelle Obama Calls on Americans to Make Their Voices Heard 100 Days Ahead of Election Day

When We All Vote released a video today encouraging Americans to get registered and ready to vote in the 2022 midterm elections

Washington, DC: Today, 100 days from the midterm elections, When We All Vote released a video message from Co-Chair and Founder Michelle Obama calling on all Americans to get registered and ready to vote, and to take action with When We All Vote. In the video message, Mrs. Obama encouraged voters to stay committed in the fight against voter suppression and ensure their voices are heard on the issues that matter to them.

Over the years, When We All Vote has reached more than 100 million people online, providing access to resources and information about voter registration, how to vote and what’s on the ballot. Voters can check their voter registration status, register to vote, find their polling place and more through When We All Vote’s Voter Resources Hub. Mrs. Obama and the entire organization are calling on everyone to play a role in engaging their communities in this year’s election. To prepare for the midterm elections, When We All Vote is calling on people to:

  • ●  Visit whenweallvote.org or text VOTE to 56005 to check their voter registration status.
  • ●  Ask one to three friends to pledge to vote.
  • ●  Sign up to volunteer with When We All Vote at whenweallvote.org. 



Watch Mrs. Obama’s full video message here. A full transcript of her remarks is included below. FULL

Hey, everyone!
It’s official—we are just 100 days out from the 2022 midterm elections.

All that work you’ve been doing, all the outreach, the voter registration parties, the efforts to fight voter suppression, that work is more important than ever.

Because every American deserves to have their voice heard. Every American deserves to have a say in the future of this country.

And this fall, so much is on the ballot: our access to health care, the judges in our courts, and so, so much more

And if you want to make sure that your voice is heard, I need your help.
First, I want you to text VOTE to 56005 to check your voter registration status.
Second, I want you to ask one friend, just one friend, to check their registration status too.

And third, I want to ask you to volunteer with us. You can sign up right now at WhenWeAllVote.org.

It’s people like you who’ll make all the difference this fall. Whether that’s by casting a ballot yourself or by organizing your communities to make sure that all your neighbors can do the same.

So I hope you’ll join us. We’ve only got 100 days left, and they’re gonna go fast.

That’s why we’ve got to use every minute we’ve got until those polls close to make sure that everyone understands the importance of their voice, and the power of their vote.

Thanks again, everybody. Now, let’s get to work!

ABOUT When We All Vote:

When We All Vote, an initiative of Civic Nation, is a leading national, nonpartisan initiative on a mission to change the culture around voting and to increase participation in each and every election by helping to close the race and age gap. Created by Michelle Obama, When We All Vote brings together individuals, institutions, brands, and organizations to register new voters across the country and advance civic education for the entire family and voters of every age to build an informed and engaged electorate for today and generations to come. We empower our supporters and volunteers to take action through voting, advocating for their rights, and holding their elected officials accountable.

In 2020, When We All Vote ran a robust, multifaceted campaign and reached more than 100 million people to educate them about the voting process and get them registered and ready to vote. The initiative also led in voter education, registration, and volunteer engagement and as a result, 512,000 people started or completed the voter registration process, and nearly 500 media, corporate, and nonprofit partners joined its efforts.

Michelle Obama launched When We All Vote in 2018 and is joined by fellow Co-Chairs Stephen Curry, Becky G, Selena Gomez, Tom Hanks, H.E.R., Liza Koshy, Jennifer Lopez, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Janelle Monae, Chris Paul, Megan Rapinoe, Shonda Rhimes, Bretman Rock, Kerry Washington and Rita Wilson.

When We All Vote is a key initiative within Civic Nation, a 501(c)(3) organization, and works with Civic Nation Action, a 501(c)(4). These organizations are homes for changemakers who inspire, educate, and activate people around the issues that will define this generation.

ABOUT Civic Nation:

Civic Nation is a nonpartisan, nonprofit home for changemakers who inspire, educate, and activate people around the issues that will define this generation. Civic Nation empowers and educates individuals, companies, institutions and organizations to drive culture, systems, and policy change, working towards a more inclusive and equitable America. Six initiatives are a part of the Civic Nation family: When We All Vote, United State of Women, ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge, End Rape On Campus, It’s On Us and We The Action. Learn more here.


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