House Select Committee Issues First Round Of Record Requests

The House Select Committee is digging deeper into its investigations of the deadly January 6 insurrection at the United States Capitol by issuing record requests from various federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies, as well as communications within the White House.

The committee will also ask telecommunications and social media companies to preserve their records of several people, including some members of Congress, to determine who knew what and when they knew it related to the events of January 6.

“I can tell you that we’ll look at everything that will give us information on what happened on January 6,” Representative Bennie Thompson, the chairman of the Select Committee, said.

“In terms of telecom companies, they’re the ones that pretty much you already know, the major networks, the social media platforms, those kinds of things,” Representative Thompson told CNN on Monday.

“We have quite an exhaustive list of people. I won’t tell you who they are. But it’s several hundred people that make up the list of individuals we plan to contact.”

According to CNN, The National Archives has received letters from several House Committees “requesting records related to the January 6, 2021, assault on the U.S. Capitol.”

The National Archives also confirmed to CNN that it is in possession of former President Donald Trump’s call logs and other records. The organization makes it clear that there is a process “by which the Congress and the incumbent administration may request access to records of former administrations.”

The Select Committee has the power to impose its own tactics in the investigations. It is not clear how much the committee intends to spend.

Democratic leaders have accused several Republican lawmakers of interacting with individuals that were present at the attack.

Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler says that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called President Trump on the day of the attempted coup and begged him to call his supporters.

Representative Beutler says that the House Leader told her that Trump told him: “Well, Kevin, I guess these people are more upset about the election than you are.”

One question that the committee wants answered is what President Trump and his allies were doing on January 6 and the days before.

“We’re going to get to the bottom of what happened, and, you know that whatever that is, may exonerate a bunch of people, may not; we’re just gonna do our work thoroughly and expeditiously,” Representative Adam Kinzinger, a Republican serving on the Select Committee, said.

“We have people constantly trying to change the story and create misinformation, so we need answers.

The Departments of Defense, Justice, Homeland Security and Interior, as well as the FBI and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, are some of the other agencies that received the record requests.

The agencies have two weeks to comply with the requests to turn over documents.


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