Four More Congressional Democrats Urge President Biden to Step Aside, Raising Doubts Over His Re-Election Bid

Jimmy Williams

Four additional Democratic members of Congress have urged President Joe Biden to reconsider his candidacy for re-election, according to sources familiar with a phone call held Sunday. This brings the total number of Democrats in Congress calling for Biden to step aside to nearly a dozen.

The House Democrats who voiced their concerns were Adam Smith of Washington, Jerry Nadler of New York, Mark Takano of California, and Joe Morelle of New York. Each of these lawmakers holds key positions on influential committees: Smith on the Armed Services Committee, Nadler on the Judiciary Committee, Takano on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, and Morelle on the House Administration Committee.

During a call convened by House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries of New York, each lawmaker was given the opportunity to express their views. Many, even those who did not explicitly call for Biden to drop out, shared concerns about his ability to defeat former President Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

Sources revealed an overwhelming sense that Vice President Kamala Harris would be a stronger candidate to replace Biden, should he decide to exit the race. Jeffries’ office declined to comment on the discussions.

Some lawmakers, including Reps. Jamie Raskin of Maryland, Don Beyer of Virginia, and Jim Himes of Connecticut, stopped short of calling for a new nominee but voiced significant concerns about Biden’s chances in November. Following the call, Beyer reaffirmed his support for Biden, stating, “I support President Biden. I support the Biden-Harris ticket and look forward to helping defeat Donald Trump in November.”

Polling has shown that concerns about Biden’s age and his performance in a recent debate have fueled these conversations. The debate performance, widely panned by both lawmakers and donors, has prompted discussions about whether Biden remains the best candidate to face Trump.

Rep. Susan Wild of Pennsylvania, who narrowly won re-election in 2022, expressed concerns about Biden’s impact on down-ballot Democrats, though she did not explicitly call for him to leave the race. Rep. Angie Craig of Minnesota was the first front-line Democrat to publicly call for Biden to step aside, emphasizing the need for a new generation of leadership.

Despite these growing calls, Biden has remained defiant, reiterating his intention to stay in the race. During a recent visit to Pennsylvania, he affirmed the Democratic Party’s support for his candidacy.

The Congressional Black Caucus, largely supportive of Biden, saw Reps. Maxine Waters and Barbara Lee defending him forcefully during the call. Rep. Frederica Wilson of Florida, not part of the call, also criticized Democrats urging Biden to step aside, praising his leadership and accomplishments.

The internal debate among Democrats continues as Biden remains resolute, with his recent interview with ABC News doing little to quell the discussions about his re-election bid.

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