Church Leaders Seek Home Depot Boycott Over Georgia Voting Laws

Church leaders are calling for a boycott of Georgia-based Home Depot for its silence towards the new voting laws in Georgia.

“We just don’t think we ought to let their indifference stand,” Reginald Jackson, Bishop at African Methodist Episcopal, said. Jackson says the home improvement store has remained “silent and indifferent” on the issue of Georgia’s new restrictive voting laws.

Jackson has had meetings with several other Georgia-based executives to urge them to oppose the law. He said he has reached out to the company several times to no avail.

Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp tweeted about the boycott of Home Depot.

“This is how it goes: agree with every piece of the left’s agenda, or get canceled. First, they came for a ball game. Now, they’re coming for Georgia jobs.”

“It’s clear that Democrats and the left are now backing job-killing boycotts to serve their own partisan agenda/ I’m not going to apologize for supporting election integrity and the livelihoods of my fellow Georgians,” the Governor tweeted.

Jackson believes that corporations have an obligation to support their customers.

“We believe that corporations have a corporate responsibility to their customers, who are Black, White and Brown. on the issue of voting,” Jackson said. “It doesn’t make any sense at all to keep giving dollars and buying products from people that do not support you.”

Jackson said religious leaders may call for other boycotts over the voting laws in the future.





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