AOC Thought She Would Die At Capitol Riot

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Instagram to express the trauma she experienced during the Capitol riot. During the live video, she said she thought she “was going to die.  The Democrat was very hesitant in providing full details of events inside of the capitol.

“I did not know if I was going to make it to the end of that day alive,” she said. The traumatizing event has caused AOC to be relevantly quiet on social media as she mentally recovers. Ocasio-Cortez posed a serious question to the domestic terrorist that stormed the Capitol. “What claim will you have? That you rule over a destroyed society? That the ashes belong to you?”

According to Ocasio-Cortez, she didn’t attend Tuesday’s hearing to vote for Trump’s impeachment out of fear. The congresswoman expressed that she is in a state of current fear and does not feel safe. She also took time to commend loyal Capitol Police officers.

“To run in the Capitol and not know if an officer is there to help you or to harm you is also quite traumatizing,” she said. AOC also criticized  Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz. Both men attempted to overturn the election results. “You do not belong in the United States Senate. Let me give you a sneak peek: You will never be president. You will never command the respect of this country, never. Never. And you should resign,” she said.

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