U.S. Announces Plan To Share 55 Million COVID-19 Doses Overseas

The White House announced plans on Monday for the remaining  55 million doses out of the 80 million COVID-19 vaccines they pledged to have allocated by the end of June.

President Joe Biden pledged to distribute 80 million COVID-19 vaccine doses by the end of the month, but the White House is now saying “shipments will go out as soon as the countries are ready to receive the doses and we work through the complex logistics with them.”

“Our goals are to increase global COVID-19 vaccine coverage, prepare for surges and prioritize healthcare workers and other vulnerable populations based on public health data and acknowledged best practice, and help our neighbors and other countries in need,” the White House said. “And, as we have previously stated, the United States will not use its vaccines to secure favors from other countries.”

The White House said that 75 percent of the doses would be shared through COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access, or COVAX.

The Administration says 14 million doses will be given to Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Panama, and Costa Rica.

India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Maldives, Bhutan, Phillippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan, Cambodia, and the Pacific Islands will receive 16 million doses.

25 percent of the 55 million doses will be sent directly to Colombia, Argentina, Haiti, CARICOM countries, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panama, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Cabo Verde, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, Tunisia, Oman, West Bank and Gaza, Ukraine, Kosovo, Georgia, Moldova, and Bosnia.

Africa will receive 10 million doses.

Only vaccines made by Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson will be given to the countries.

“Just like we have in our domestic response, we will move expeditiously as possible,  while abiding by U.S. and host country regulatory and legal requirements, to facilitate the sage and secure transport of vaccines across international borders,” the White House said. “This will take time, but the President has directed the Administration to use all the levers of the U.S. government to protect individuals from this virus as quickly as possible.”

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