Kentucky Man Who Attacked Capitol Police Officers on Jan.6 Sentenced to Over Two Years in Prison

Jimmy Williams

Isreal Easterday, a Kentucky resident who was 19 at the time, has been sentenced to more than two years in prison for pepper-spraying two Capitol police officers during the January 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Easterday, who joined the mob of Donald Trump supporters storming the Capitol, sprayed pepper spray at two Capitol police officers who were guarding the East Rotunda Doors. The assault resulted in partial blindness for the officers for several hours.

Chief Judge James Boasberg took Easterday’s youth into account when handing down a sentence of two years and six months, stating that Easterday may not have fully grasped the gravity of his actions on that day.

“January 6th was no less than an intent and an effort to replace by force who our country had voted for,” Boasberg remarked, emphasizing the seriousness of the events. “The mob was there because it hadn’t achieved what it wanted to at the ballot box.”

During the hearing, Easterday expressed remorse for his actions and tearfully apologized to the officers he assaulted, stating that he accepts responsibility for his behavior and is deeply ashamed.

Despite initially facing a recommendation of over 12 years in prison, Easterday’s sentence was reduced significantly due to his age and lack of criminal history. However, prosecutors still advocated for a substantial sentence to serve as a deterrent against future similar acts.

Easterday was convicted of nine counts, including assaulting Capitol police officers with pepper spray that he obtained from fellow rioters.

He traveled from Kentucky to attend then-President Trump’s rally in Washington, D.C., and was captured in a photograph holding a Confederate battle flag during the riot.

Prosecutors described the Confederate flag as a symbol of treason and insurrection, while Easterday’s attorneys argued that he led a sheltered life on his family’s farm and did not fully understand the flag’s significance.

The January 6 attack resulted in injuries to over 100 police officers, and Easterday’s case adds to the more than 1,350 people charged with Capitol riot-related federal crimes.

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