White House Wants Federal Agencies To Proceed With Trump’s February Budget Proposal

The Trump Administration is still refusing to accept reality while hoping to move forward with a new budget proposal. The White House budget office wants federal agencies to continue preparing the Trump administration’s budget proposal for the next fiscal year, according to multiple administration officials who spoke to the Washington Post.

Joe Biden is set to be sworn in on January 20, 2021. Biden’s Administration is set to submit a budget plan to Congress early next year. When a spokesperson was asked if the 2022 budget would proceed as planned, the spokesperson said, “Of course.”

The budget proposal is important because it details the administration’s plans for spending and taxes.

“They’re pretending nothing happened,” an official said. “We’re all supposed to pretend this is normal and do all this work while we know we’re just going to have to throw it away.”

“The preparations going on now are not surprising given the administration’s position on the outcome of the election,” said Chantel Boyens, a former senior Office of Management and Budget official. ” At the point at which you know the outcome of the election, it would not make sense to continue formulating policy recommendations for a new budget to be put out by the outgoing administration.”


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