Virginia Sheriff’s Deputy Fired After Posting Threatening Messages On Social Media

Virginia Sheriff’s deputy Aaron Hoffman was fired for advocating violence against Chief Justice John Roberts and several lawmakers and officials on social media. Hoffman denies the claims and says that his account was hacked.

According to reports, in a post on Parler, he said that Roberts’s life “needs to be shortened.” Hoffman allegedly expressed disapproval for a new bill that would allow children to be vaccinated without the consent of their parents. “I will kill anyone that touches my children without my consent,” Hoffman wrote.

According to The Hill, Hoffman also urged people to find the addresses of politicians, liberal judges, and public officials.

“Take back your state capitals,” he wrote. “Find the homes of every Governor, mayor, attorney general, liberal judge, senator, congressman and every major media/social media CEO… find them, remove them from their sanctuary. Bring the nightmare to where they lay their heads and kiss their loved ones. Show them that they are NOT untouchable.”

Hoffman told the Washington Post that he closed his account on Parler after he became aware of suspicious activity via email.



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