The Trump Campaign Suffers Multiple Losses In Court

Donald Trump’s continued efforts to undermine the results of the election suffered numerous blows in court on Friday. While those within the President’s circle privately acknowledge that the election results have no chance to be overturned, the campaign continues to bring case after case before judges across various states. On Friday alone, they faced losses in these cases in Michigan, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

While was Trump was on Twitter saying, “This Election Was Rigged,” here’s what was happening in 3 separate courthouses.

In Michigan, a state judge rejected a request by Republican poll watchers to delay verifying the vote count in Detroit because he saw no convincing evidence of election fraud.

In Pennsylvania, the campaign lost in six separate efforts to block the counting of almost 9,000 mail-in ballots.

In Arizona, a judge dismissed a lawsuit after the campaign acknowledged that the suit would make no difference in the outcome of the election. In almost direct contrast to what the President has been saying (re: tweeting), an attorney for his campaign said the following; “We’re not alleging that anyone was stealing the election.”

Meanwhile, final state projections awarded Georgia and its 16 electoral votes to Vice-President Biden on Friday afternoon, giving him 306 electoral votes. The same number of electoral votes that President Trump won in 2016.


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