Over 130 Secret Service Agents Placed Under Quarantine Due to Positive Test Results

Over 130 Secret Service agents assigned to the White House and travel with the President have been ordered to quarantine because they have either tested positive for the coronavirus or have come in close contact with a co-worker who has tested positive.

According to The Washington Post, the rise in infections in the agency is said to be in part due to all the campaigning President Trump did in the week leading up to the election. Social distancing and face masks are nearly nonexistent at these campaign events. Due to these infections, the remainder of agents will have to forego off days and work extra hours to cover for their co-workers who are forced to isolate.

Many people in the President’s circle have contracted the virus over the past few months, including the President himself. An election night event at the White House just last week is presumed to be the catalyst for over a dozen aides and officials positive test results.


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