Roger Stone: “All Options on the Table”; Trump Should Consider Declaring Martial Law Over Loss

Talk about sore losers. Roger Stone has suggested his longtime friend Donald Trump declare martial all because he lost his chances of getting a second term in the White House.

Like Michael Flynn, who also said Trump should declare martial law, Stone also served on Trump’s presidential election campaign as an adviser. Apparently, both feel like there is some waxed conspiracy surround the celebrity-in-chief’s defeat to president-elect Joe Biden.

Both Flynn and Stone have a similar criminal background alongside their high opinions of Trump. Each was charged with felonies in a federal court. According to ABC News, Roger was convicted with five counts of lying to congress, one count of witness tampering, and one count of obstruction of a proceeding. Flynn pled guilty to one count of lying to the FBI, but then recounted on his plea.

Trump pardoned both.

Stone told conservative media figure and fellow conspiracy theorist Alex Jones that Trump should consider invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807 or declaring martial law.

“I think the president has to have all options on the table as to how he proceeds. The one thing he cannot do, Alex, is quit. He has powerful forces arrayed against him,” Stone, 68, said during his appearance on “The Alex Show.”

“I believe he was selected by God for this job. I pray to God every day that he will not only not quit, but he will be strengthened in his resolve to fight an epically corrupt deep state,” Stone added, while also making other baseless claims surrounding Trump’s defeat, including a claim that North Korean boats purportedly dumped American voting ballots.

The other convicted felon, Flynn, 61, did a press release the day before on social media urging Trump to invoke martial law and have the U.S. military oversee a national “re-vote” of the presidential election.

His attorney Sidney Powell,  a former member of the Trump campaign’s legal team, also made a similar post on Monday suggesting the president deploy the U.S. military, as well as postpone Inauguration Day.

The Department of Justice has found no evidence of fraud that would change the election results, Attorney General William P. Barr said Tuesday. Election experts have stated similarly, the Times reported.

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