Republicans Back President Trump As He Considers Running For President Again In 2024

The president is gaining support from Republicans for a potential presidential 2024 run. President Donald Trump continues to parade around his baseless claims of electoral fraud and has refused to concede. As the formal transition begins without his recognition, the president is now changing his attitude, playing around with the idea of running in 2024.

“It’d be great if he ran. He’s done a good job. I think he ought to run if he wants to run. Who knows what’s going to happen in ’24?” Senator Rick Scott said. “He can sell the things he accomplished.”

Senator Josh Hawley said that if Trump were to run in 2024, he thinks he’d be a nominee and that he would support him doing that.

“The president is very popular in the Republican Party, and he would be very tough to beat,” Jim Banks, incoming chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee said.

On Tuesday, President Trump told Republican National Committee members that if his attempt to overthrow the 2020 election results fails, he’d see them in four years.

“I would encourage him to keep that option open. I would personally support him if he did,” Senator Lindsey Graham said. “Most Republicans believe he’s done a very good job and that his presidency from a conservative’s point of view has been very consequential.”

“Here you have a gentleman that won in 2016 and then in 2020, he not only outperforms but overperforms by 15 million votes? That’s unheard of,” Representative Paul Gosar said.

Not every Republican is sure about President Trump’s run in 2024.

“I am going to try not to answer hypotheticals,” Senator John Cornyn said. “It’s going to be a crowded field, I assume, unless he clears the field I don’t know.”

“I personally suspect that Republican senators would gnash their teeth and wail and hate it,” said Hawley.

Only time will tell…

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