Republican Party Drafts New Platform, Shifting Stance on Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage

Jimmy Williams

At the urging of former President Donald Trump and his allies, the Republican Party is set to shift its stance on key social issues. The draft policy platform, passed Monday morning ahead of the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, marks a significant departure from longstanding positions on federal abortion bans and same-sex marriage.

In a move reflecting the Trump campaign’s influence, the new draft platform softens the party’s stance on these issues to better align with public sentiment. The platform, which must still be approved by the full Republican National Committee, emphasizes leaving abortion laws to the states and removes language opposing same-sex marriage.

“This platform reflects modern day realities,” a platform committee member told NBC News anonymously, noting the party’s strategic shift. This decision came after a quiet push from Trump’s campaign to exclude members deemed too socially conservative from the platform committee, aiming to avoid unpopular policy positions.

Trump’s platform, described as concise and digestible, mirrors his vision for the GOP heading into the 2024 election. The changes have sparked backlash from social conservatives, who feel betrayed by the shift. Former South Carolina GOP chair Chad Connelly expressed disappointment, noting widespread discontent among pastors and conservative voters.

Despite this, top Trump advisers defend the new platform as representative of his goals for the party. The Biden campaign, however, criticizes the platform as a facade to mask Trump’s true policy intentions, urging voters to investigate Project 2025, a controversial roadmap for a potential second Trump administration.

“Every voter should Google Project 2025 if they want to know Donald Trump’s true agenda for America,” Biden campaign spokesperson James Singer said in a statement. “What was put out today was not a platform, it was a cheap, in-all-caps admission Trump and his campaign want to hide from his dangerous Project 2025 agenda to make Trump a dictator on day one, destroy our system of checks and balances, cut Social Security, ban abortion and worse.”

The proposed platform reflects significant changes, including the GOP’s stance on abortion. It abandons calls for a “human life amendment” to the Constitution in favor of state-level legislation. The new language argues that the 14th Amendment inherently protects life at conception, giving states the authority to pass relevant laws.

On same-sex marriage, the platform removes previous language defining marriage as “between one man and one woman.” Instead, it promotes a “culture that values the Sanctity of Marriage” without specifying gender. This shift did not spark debate during the committee meeting, which focused primarily on abortion.

Other notable changes include advocating for the use of military forces at the southern border, initiating a large-scale deportation program, and opposing “gender indoctrination” in education. The platform also calls for accountability for those perceived to have unjustly prosecuted political opponents.

The streamlined, 16-page platform represents a departure from previous, lengthy documents, aligning with Trump’s push for simplicity. Party officials view this as a strategic move to avoid misrepresentation by political opponents and the media.

As the Republican Party prepares for its convention, these platform changes underscore a broader effort to adapt to contemporary political landscapes and voter sentiments, setting the stage for the 2024 election cycle.

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