Pres. Biden Set To Name Cindy McCain To Ambassador Post

President Joe Biden is said to be preparing to name Cindy McCain, the widow of the late Senator John McCain, as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations World Food Programme, according to reports from Politico.

Sources with knowledge of the matter say she is currently undergoing vetting for the position, which is based in Rome.

Nominating at least one person from the opposing party to a cabinet position is a White House tradition that former President Donald Trump broke.

McCain has worked with United Nations Food Program in the past. In 2008 During her husband’s presidential campaign, she visited wounded soldiers in the country of Georgia with the program.

She endorsed President Biden in the 2020 Presidential election and is partially credited with his win in Arizona. Biden was the first Democratic presidential nominee to win the state since Clinton in 1996.

It is thought that Biden will name a list of ambassadors simultaneously as opposed to individually.



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