New York Attorney General Says The NRA Must Dissolve

New York Attorney General Letitia James says that the National Rifle Association (NRA) must dissolve for its rampant financial and managerial misconduct. Last August, James sued to dissolve the non-profit organization.

The New York Attorney General says that the NRA’s “evasion of accountability” has “continued unabated.”James further states that the organization has committed several offenses, including falsely reporting improper transactions, lavish spending, intentionally disregarding corporate governance, and wasting charitable assets.

James names the group’s longtime Chief Executive Wayne LaPierre as the main offender along with other executives.

After James sued the group, they tried to reorganize in Texas and filed for bankruptcy. A federal judge dismissed their case.

The group disagrees with the attorney general and says that she has political motives.

“It is now more evident than ever that the NYAG’s action is a politically motivated attack,” Williams A. Brewer III, a lawyer for NRA, said. “In 2018, without a shred of evidence to support her action, the NYAG called the NRA a ‘terrorist organization’ and a ‘criminal enterprise.’ Predictably, she now quotes selectively from a federal court ruling and suggests that it supports her claims against the NRA.”

“We remain an independent organization that can chart its own course, even as we remain in New York to confront our adversaries,” LaPierre said. “The NRA will keep fighting as we’ve done for 150 years.”




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