Navajo Nation Turned Arizona Blue In The 2020 Presidential Election

During this year’s election, Navajo and Latin voters took control of Arizona, swinging the state to blue. It’s the second time in 70 years that citizens of Arizona have voted for a Democratic candidate.

“Thank you to everyone and hugs to all that voted blue,” said State Senator Jamescita Peshlakai.

The three counties that make up the Navajo nation РApache, Navajo, and Coconino Рall voted for Joe Biden. Biden received 97 percent of the vote. According to Navajo Times, experts attributed the swing to a large increase in the number of young Latin voters in the state.

Steve Begay, chairman of the Apache County Democratic party, attributes the swing to party officials being more active.

“It’s the first time Apache County sent a chair to the state meeting. When I introduced myself, everyone stood up and applauded,” said Begay.

Two initiatives on the ballot passed. Arizonans voted to legalize recreational marijuana and to tax high earners to fund education.

Native Americans were recognized as legal citizens of the United States in 1924 and received the right to vote in all states in 1962.




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