Thousands Of National Guard Troops Will Remain In Washington D.C. For Impeachment Trial

Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, which starts on February 8, is a big security concern. 5,000 National Guard troops will remain in Washington D.C. through mid-March to protect the Capitol. The troops are remaining in the nation’s capital due to “impeachment security concerns.”

Deployments have been extended in several National Guard units. “We are not going to allow any surprises again,” a Guard said, referring to the events that took place at the Capitol on January 6.

Others question the conditions they are working under. Unidentified troops spoke out to Politico“Quite frankly, this is not a ‘combat zone,’ so combat conditions shouldn’t apply,” a National Guard member said.

Troops were deployed to Washington D.C. after the riots on January 6 at the Capitol. According to Politico, no official justifications, threat reports, or any explanation for the extended missions has been given.

“There is no defined situation or mission statement. … This is very unusual for any military mission,” a guard who has been deployed to Afganistan twice said. “We are usually given a situation, with defined mission perimeters, and at least a tentative plan on how to execute those objectives.”

Troops are forced to stand guard for long hours. Some troops say that they’re not receiving enough food or resources. Some are forced to purchase their own food to supplement the meals they are being given.

In addition, several units have been struggling to contain Covid-19 amongst their ranks. At least 200 Guardsmen have tested positive for the virus, and several hundred additional troops are in quarantine due to exposure.

There is also some concern over potential unrest surrounding March 4, the date some QAnon conspiracy theorists believe Trump will be inaugurated for the second time.


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