Member of Oath Keepers First To Plead Guilty In Deadly Capitol Riot

Jon Ryan Schaffer, a founding member of the militia group Oath Keepers, is the first suspect to plead guilty to federal charges in connection with the deadly Capitol riot.

Schaffer is being accused of taking over the Capitol and spraying a police officer with bear spray. He pleaded guilty to obstruction of an official proceeding and entering and remaining in a restricted building with a dangerous or deadly weapon.

Schaffer turned himself into the FBI after his photograph was featured on FBI poster.

As part of his deal, Schaffer has agreed to cooperate with investigators and may be called to testify in related cases. Prosecutors and Schaffer’s attorneys agreed to recommend that he get between 3.5 and 4.5 years in prison, based on the outcome of his cooperation with the government.

The Justice Department heralded the guilty plea on the 100-day mark of the Capitol attack.
“The FBI has made an average of more than four arrests a day, seven days a week since January 6th,” acting Deputy Attorney General John Carlin said in a statement on Friday. “I commend the hundreds of special agents, prosecutors and support staff that have worked tirelessly for the last 100 days to bring those who committed criminal acts to justice.”

Over 370 people are facing federal charges for the deadly Capitol riot that left five people dead.


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