House Dems Urge McCarthy To Address Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

House Democrats are calling on House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to address controversial Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s behavior.

Last week, the Representative spoke at former President Donald Trump’s rally in Ohio. During the rally, Taylor Greene repeatedly claimed that President Trump won the election and called Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a “little communist from New York.”

The House Democrats wrote a letter to call out the Representative’s rhetoric, which they feel has reached an “unacceptable level” and  “could lead to violence against members of Congress.” Representative Ocasio-Cortez signed on to the letter.

“Rep. Greene’s conduct does not comport with what we expect from a member of the House of Representatives,” the letter says. “Moreover, we are extremely concerned that her conduct is creating an unsafe work environment for members, and that her actions could lead to violence against members of Congress.”

In February, McCarthy suggested that Taylor Greene should hold herself to a higher standard as a member of Congress after remarks the Congresswoman made before being sworn into Congress were exposed. Greene posted on social media that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should be put to death and she also shared and liked conspiracy theories.

The House voted to strip Taylor Greene of her committee assignments.

Greene says that the letter is absurd.

“I receive constant harassment in public caused by the Democrat lies promoted by the media. Democrats singled me out and kicked me off committees for doing nothing wrong, and the death threats haven’t stopped since,” Greene said.

House Democrats did not offer a solution but are hoping that McCarthy will do more this time around.

“We respectfully request that you work with her to address these issues with her and ensure that this type of behavior no longer continues.”


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