Dems Offer Bill To Help Single Parents Get Expanded Child Tax Credit

Congresswoman Katie Porter has introduced legislation to make it easier for families headed by single parents to get help from the expanded child tax credit.

The Single Parent Penalty Elimination Act, which is co-led by Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (MA-07) and Congressman Don Beyer (VA-08), would change the income threshold for Americans filing as heads of household—the status most commonly used by single parents—so that it is the same as those who are married filing jointly.

“No child should receive less nutritious food or less secure housing just because their parent isn’t married,” said Porter, a single mom of three school-age kids

“There’s no discount for single parents at grocery stores, child care centers, or doctors’ offices, yet the child tax credit gives less help to single-parent families. I’m proud to introduce legislation today that would eliminate this unfair penalty and give relief to kids in need, regardless of their parent’s marital status.”

The expanded child tax credit was created to offset the costs of raising a child by putting more money in families’ pockets. Under current law, the child tax credit eligibility begins to phase out at $150,000 annual income for married couples and $112,500 annual income for single parents.

Porter’s legislation would raise the income threshold to $150,000, regardless of whether a taxpayer is filing jointly or as a head of household.

“The Child Tax Credit provides an invaluable lifeline to families across America, but single parents, whose jobs are hard enough already, oftentimes receive less of the credit than married couples,” said Rep. Beyer. “Our bill recognizes that single parents are just as deserving of the full credit as married couples, and would bring more fairness to the tax code.

”Porter authored an op-ed on the need to eliminate the single parent penalty, which can be read HERE.


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