Democrats Want To Know Why There Is A Delay With Ascertaining Biden’s Win

Senior House Democrats want to know why Joe Biden hasn’t been ascertained. The Democrats are demanding that GSA Administrator Emily Murphy brief them on Monday. The contentious issue may lead to a public hearing on Capitol Hill.

“We have been extremely patient, but we can wait no longer,” Carolyn Maloney, House Oversight Committee Chairwoman, and Nita Lowey, House Appropriations Chairwoman, in a four-page letter.

Without Murphy’s approval, Biden’s team cannot receive federal resources, presidential briefings on national security, nor prepare a pandemic response plan.

President Donald Trump praised Murphy on Twitter, saying that she’s doing a “great job.”

In the letter, Democrats continued to press Murphy about ascertaining Biden’s win, writing: “White House officials claim they are not pressing you to block the ascertainment determination and that you have made this determination entirely on your own. If this is accurate, it is critical that you now follow the law and make the ascertainment designation without any further delay.”

We’ll have to wait until Monday to see if Murphy gives an explanation.


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