Biden Announces Plans For Second Term During Press Conference

President Joe Biden announced plans to run for a second term in the White House in 2024 during his first press conference as president.

“My answer is yes. I plan on running for reelection. That’s my expectation,” Biden said during the press conference.

The press conference was largely centered around immigration issues and the crisis at the border.

“Some families are not going back because Mexico is refusing to take them back. Some, not all,” the president said. “We’re in negotiations with Mexico. That’s going to change. They should all be going back.”

Biden says that the policies that former President Donald Trump enacted were not helpful.

“First of all, all the policies that were underway were not helping at all, did not slow up the amount of immigration,” Biden said. “Rolling back the policies of separating children from their mothers? I make no apology for that.”

“Rolling back the policies of ‘Remain in Mexico,’ sitting on the edge of the Rio Grande in a muddy circumstance with not enough to eat? I make no apologies for that,” Biden said. “I make no apologies for ending programs that did not exist before Trump became president that have an incredibly negative impact on the law — international law — as well as on human dignity.”

Biden’s next goal is to rebuild infrastructure. His plans for this will be announced in Pittsburgh on Friday.

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