New York Mayor Eric Adams Sent Migrants To Florida, Texas And China

New York City Mayor Eric Adams criticized Republican leaders for transporting asylum-seekers to cities controlled by Democrats. However, he later sent several migrants to Republican-led states like Florida and Texas.

Between April 2022 and April 2023, New York City spent approximately $50,000 to resettle 114 migrant households in different cities worldwide, according to information obtained by POLITICO. Some were sent to South American countries, and one even went to China. Florida received the highest number of families (28), followed by Texas (14).

While these numbers are small compared to the overall influx of migrants into New York City, it has the potential to escalate tensions on a national level. The issue of migration is likely to impact Congressional races and President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign.

Mayor Adams faces a challenging situation as the migrant crisis is costing the city billions of dollars. With the city’s shelter system under immense pressure, he is exploring various solutions, including sending asylum-seekers to other locations or housing them in former jails.

In September, Adams criticized Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for transporting migrants to New York City, labeling it a political maneuver. At that time, Abbott was sending buses of asylum-seekers to the city, a practice that continues, while DeSantis was flying migrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

Adams accused Abbott of targeting cities with Black mayors, although buses also arrived in Philadelphia, which has a white mayor. He also claimed that Abbott refused to coordinate with New York City officials.

Abbott’s office defended the busing program as a means of providing relief to smaller Texas towns overwhelmed by the migrant influx. They also mentioned that Adams previously praised New York City’s sanctuary status.

DeSantis’ office did not comment on the new data. Abbott has sent approximately 9,700 asylum seekers to New York City, while DeSantis has flown around 85 migrants to Massachusetts and California.

A spokesperson for Mayor Adams clarified that the efforts of Texas and New York differ significantly. Texas charters entire buses to New York City, whereas the Adams administration purchases individual tickets for migrants who voluntarily wish to leave the state. It was discovered that some asylum-seekers arriving from Texas did not want to come there initially and experienced dehydration and malnourishment upon arrival. The spokesperson highlighted reports of barcoded bracelets, restrictions on disembarking mid-journey, and waivers signed without full comprehension among asylum-seekers leaving Texas.

“In contrast, New York City has, as we have discussed very publicly for months, worked to connect individuals with friends, family, and networks whether in New York City or outside of it,” Mayoral spokesperson Kate Smart said in a statement. “We are not coercing people to leave, we are not suggesting or recommending locations, and we are not presenting any kind of false choice. We are helping people who want to reconnect with loved ones or communities do so.”

Mayor Adams’ statements on asylum-seekers have directly targeted President Biden, raising a sensitive campaign issue. His policy of busing migrants to counties outside New York City could become a damaging campaign topic for Democrats in crucial Congressional races that may determine control of the House next year.

While Adams’ stance on migrants has irked members of Biden’s inner circle, other Democrats have quietly appreciated his outspokenness on an issue faced by many cities across the country with minimal federal assistance.

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