Rudy Giuliani Needs Help Paying Legal Bills; His Allies Call On Trump

Rudy Giuliani, former President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, needs help paying for his legal bills.

According to a report from The New York Times, Giuliani’s advisers have asked the former President to help.

Last week, federal prosecutors executed a search warrant at Giuliani’s home and office. The lawyer is being investigated for his ties to Ukraine. The government wants to know whether he illegally lobbied the Trump administration on behalf of Ukrainian oligarchs. Giuliani insists that he didn’t do any wrongdoing.

The Times reported that Giuliani was never paid for the work he did after the election. His allies want President Trump to use some of the funds that were raised after the election to help the disgraced lawyer pay down his debts.

Giuliani is also the subject of defamation lawsuits by two voting machine companies, Dominion and Smartmatic.


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