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Parler Offered Trump 40% Of Company For Posting Exclusivity

During Donald Trump‘s presidency, there were numerous ethical conflicts. The former Commander In Chief peddled influence from Trump Tower, promoted products from The Oval Office, and used the Department Of Justice to settle personal grievances. Newly uncovered documents show that Trump sought to use his office for personal gain one …

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Capitol Insurrection Spurs Thousands Of Republicans To Flee The GOP


Republicans have endured a four-year assault on their core principles by disgraced ex-president Donald Trump. The deficit ballooned, states’ rights were assaulted, and blatant disrespect for the military were the hallmarks of the twice-impeached president’s administration. Through all of the turmoil, the overwhelming majority of Republicans remained loyal because they …

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Inside Job: Probe Underway On Whether Members of Congress Gave Capitol Tours To Rioters

Capitol Riots

The Pro-Trump insurrectionist that occupied the U.S. Capitol during the Electoral College Riot may have received assistance from Congress members. Representative Tim Ryan, who chairs the Appropriations subcommittee that funds the Capitol Police and the sergeant-at-arms office, states an investigation is underway looking into the potential involvement of Congress members …

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Trump Must Go!

Donald Trump incited an insurrectionist riot that culminated in the storming of the Capitol. Once the smoke cleared from the Electoral College Riot, two bombs were found, five lives were lost, and the world wondered, “what happens next?” Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger is calling for the invocation of the 25th Amendment, …

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