Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse Says FBI’s Brett Kavanaugh Investigation Was “Politically Constrained And Perhaps Fake”

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse says the FBI’s investigation into sexual assault and misconduct against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was “politically constrained and perhaps fake.”

After former President Donald Trump nominated Kavanaugh in 2018, multiple women accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault and misconduct.

One of his accusers, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee. She alleged that while they were teenagers, Kavanaugh held her down on a bed, put his hand over her mouth, and attempted to take off her clothes. Kavanaugh denied all of the accusations.

While Trump authorized the FBI to investigate Ford’s claim, the bureau never interviewed Kavanaugh, Ford, or other witnesses who offered to testify, and its report was never made public.

In a letter sent last week to Attorney General Merrick Garland, Whitehouse said that “It cannot and should not be the policy of the FBI to not follow up on serious allegations of misconduct during background check investigations.”

He added, “This ‘tip line’ appears to have operated more like a garbage chute, with everything that came down the chute consigned without review to the figurative dumpster.”

FBI Director Christopher Wray refused to answer the Senate Judiciary Committee’s questions about whether the FBI followed the correct protocols for investigations. Whitehouse said, “such stonewalling does not inspire confidence in the integrity” of the probe.




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