Trump’s Lawyer Calls Key Witness “MVP of Liars” in Closing Arguments

Jimmy Williams

In the closing arguments of former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial, his lawyer, Todd Blanche, urged the jury to find Trump innocent. Blanche attacked the credibility of Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer, calling him the “greatest liar of all time.”

“Michael Cohen is the GLOAT. He’s literally the greatest liar of all time,” Blanche told jurors, emphasizing that Cohen’s testimony shouldn’t be trusted.

Prosecutor Joshua Steinglass countered Blanche’s claims by focusing on the evidence. He urged the jury to “focus on the facts” and hold Trump accountable. “In the interest of justice, and in the name of the people of the state of New York, I ask you to find the defendant guilty,” Steinglass said. He argued that the evidence against Trump was “overwhelming.”

Steinglass pointed out that Cohen’s credibility wasn’t the issue at hand. “We didn’t choose Michael Cohen. Mr. Trump chose Mr. Cohen for the same qualities his attorneys now urge you to reject,” he said. He stressed that the case had ample corroboration beyond Cohen’s testimony.

Blanche maintained that Trump didn’t commit any crimes. “President Trump is innocent. He did not commit any crimes, and the district attorney has not met their burden of proof. Period,” he said. Blanche insisted that the money Trump paid Cohen was for legal work, not hush money, and that Trump was too busy with presidential duties to focus on the checks.

Steinglass argued that the payments to Cohen were a scheme to hide damaging information about Trump before the 2016 election. He showed the jury video of Trump lashing out at women who accused him of misconduct during that time. Steinglass said that if Daniels had gone public with her claim, it “was capable of costing him the whole election, and he knew it.”

Blanche described the deal with Daniels as an extortion attempt that ended well for her financially. “She wrote a book, and she has a podcast. And a documentary. This started out as an extortion — there’s no doubt about that — and ended very well for Ms. Daniels, financially speaking,” he said.

The jury will start deliberations on Wednesday. Judge Juan Merchan will give them instructions on the law before they begin. Trump is charged with falsifying business records, a low-level felony. He has pleaded not guilty.

The trial included testimony from Cohen, Daniels, National Enquirer publisher David Pecker, and former White House and Trump Organization staffers. In total, the prosecution called 20 witnesses, while the defense called two. Despite saying he would “absolutely” testify, Trump did not take the stand in his defense.

This trial marks the first criminal trial of a former president, and the jury’s decision will have significant implications.

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