Trump Bans Americans From Investing In Chinese Companies That Fund China’s Military

President Donald Trump signed an executive order and declared a national emergency as he banned Americans from investing in 31 Chinese companies. The Trump Administration believes these companies are owned or controlled by the Chinese military.

Here is a list of the 31 firms that are identified by the United States Department of Defense as supporting the People’s Liberation Army and supporting China’s intelligence and security services:


  1. Aviation Industry Corporation of China
  2. China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp
  3. China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp
  4. China Electronics Technology Group Corp
  5. China South Industries Group Corp
  6. China State Shipbuilding Corp
  7. China North Industries Group Corp (Norinco Group)
  8. Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology
  9. Huawei Technologies
  10. Inspur Group
  11. Aero Engine Corporation of China
  12. China Railway Construction Corp
  13. CRRC Corp
  14. Panda Electronics Group
  15. Dawning Information Industry Co
  16. China Mobile Communications Group
  17. China General Nuclear Power Group
  18. China National Nuclear Corp
  19. China Telecommunications Corp
  20. China Communications Technology
  21. China Communications Construction Company
  22. China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology
  23. China Spacesat
  24. China United Network Communications Group
  25. China Electronics Corporation
  26. China National Chemical Engineering Group Co Ltd
  27. China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina)
  28. SinoChem Group Co Ltd
  29. China State Construction Group
  30. China Three Gorges Corporation
  31. China Nuclear Engineering & Construction Corporation


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