Trump Lawyer Lin Wood To Run For South Carolina Republican Party Chair

Lin Wood, a personal injury and defamation lawyer who took up President Trump’s baseless election fraud claims in the 2020 election, is looking to become Chair of the South Carolina Republican Party.

Wood only recently moved to South Carolina from Georgia about one month ago.

“A compelling reason for my decision to run for Chair of the South Carolina Party is that it is time for the leadership of the Party to recognize and appreciate the amazing Patriots stepping up to get involved in the party – this is NOT the time to take actions to exclude them,” Wood said in an email. “I am no fan of government corruption. Check my record.”

“I am no fan of rule-breakers as I believe strongly in the rule of law. Check my record. I detest shady backroom deals as I support shining light on darkness. Check my record. I want to help my new neighbors in South Carolina return the Republican Party back to The People. The People have ALL the power — not the elite cabal of the old guard leadership. The People of the South Carolina Republican Party will bring INTEGRITY back to the party and to the government. I trust We The People. It will be my privilege to work for The People as they pursue their goals.”

Wood worked with former President Donald Trump after he lost the 2020 presidential election to current President Joe Biden. Wood repeatedly signed on to litigation that was summarily dismissed in court after court for lacking any credible evidence.

Wood is under investigation for voter fraud in Georgia after telling a reporter that he had moved to South Carolina before the presidential election last year.

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