Trump Appointed Postmaster General Wants To Keep Job

Two Day Express mail is taking weeks to arrive, mail collection is inconsistent, and Americans are still receiving Christmas cards two months into the new year.

The man who many blame for the collapse of the US Postal Service, Louis Dejoy, believes he should keep his job as Postmaster General. Despite his troubled tenure at the helm of the US Postal Service and his background as a supporter and donor to former President Donald Trump, he is still actively pushing ahead. He even plans to release a new 10-year plan for the agency.

President Joe Biden faces mounting pressure from fellow Democrats to remove DeJoy. However, getting rid of him is not a clean-cut process. The President does not have the power to remove the Postmaster General.

Only the Postal Service Board of Governors — which consists of members nominated by the President and confirmed in the Senate — has the power to do so, and DeJoy continues to have the support of the Trump-appointed board.

But Biden has the power to nominate board members and send them to the Senate — now led by Democrats — for confirmation. Some lawmakers want Biden to go beyond filling empty seats and take drastic action by firing the entire board.

Complaints about the postal service began shortly after Dejoy was appointed by Trump with a mandate to cut costs and make things run more efficiently.

The edict by the disgraced former president was seen by many as an instruction to disrupt service to slow the collection of mail-in ballots. Months after Dejoy’s first changes, Americans are still complaining about woefully slow delivery.

With only six of nine seats filled, the current board of governors consists of two Democrats and four Republicans. Before leaving office in December, Trump attempted to solidify his control over the board by nominating a fifth Republican member, but the nomination did not go through the Senate before Biden took office.

Biden now has the power to stack the board with supporters of his agenda and vision for the giant agency.

With three open seats and another two members over their term limit, Democrats are calling on Biden to do just that and to nominate a new slate of board members who could eventually overthrow DeJoy.

With a dismal track record, Federal judges striking down key policy changes, and his known loyalty to Donald Trump, Dejoy is the only person who believes he is the man for the job.

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