Texas Rep. Kevin Brady Announces Retirement After 13 Terms

Rep. Kevin Brady (TX-R) announced Wednesday that he plans to retire at the end of his current term.

In a statement, Brady said that he will retire after 13 terms representing Texas’ 8th District, which included a role as the top Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee

“I set out to give my constituents the representation you deserve, the effectiveness you want and the economic freedom you need,” he wrote. “I hope I delivered. It’s a remarkable privilege to work for you in the U.S. House of Representatives.”

Brady said the decision to retire was not related to former President Donald Trump, who he said he was “proud to have worked with” to pass the 2017 GOP tax cut bill, and that he had not “lost faith in the partisan Congress and the political system.”

“I work with some of the most dedicated people in the nation — talented, hardworking, and serious about their responsibilities — in both parties. And after 25 years in the nation’s Capitol I haven’t yet seen a problem we can’t solve or move past. Not one. Especially when we put our best ideas and intentions together,” he said.

He added that the fact he was brushing up against a six-year limit on his role on the Ways and Means Committee did factor “some” into his decision to retire, but said he supports the limits.

“As I see it, our committee leader term limits ensure lawmakers who work hard and effectively have the opportunity to lead, to bring fresh ideas to our committee work,” he said. “In my view, it’s a good thing. And the great news is that our Ways and Means Committee is incredibly talented. I’m confident about its future.”


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