Senate Democrats Considering $6 Trillion Reconciliation Package

Senate Democrats are talking over a $6 trillion infrastructure package to be passed via reconciliation in case bipartisan efforts backfire. The Democrats are looking to expand President Joe Biden’s $4 trillion jobs and family plans.

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders says that “we’ve got to deal with structural problems facing America.”

“It’s what the American people want,” Sanders said. “Virtually every proposal I’ve included in that budget is exactly what the American people want. They want us to create millions of good-paying jobs and to do the other things that are long overdue.”

The $6 trillion plan would include expanding Medicare, lowering the eligibility age, and lowering prescription drug prices.

Some Republicans and Democrats question parts of the proposal.

“I only had hesitation because I don’t know If those numbers will wash out, if you end up with the kind of revenue that’s projected for each of the items,” Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin said.

According to Politico, 21 senators are supporting the bipartisan framework that is currently being worked on.

“I think there’s an obvious path forward, there’s just some things that need to fall into place,” Senator Jon Tester said. “The first one being we need to get an agreement, hopefully on Monday. I just don’t think we can go any past on the bipartisan [talks] and then there needs to be a lot of work done by the budget committee.”

“Can we keep [the bipartisan bill] alive and moving when we go ahead and start having some of the disagreements about reconciliation? Because I get that the Democrats are not going to go for the infrastructure plan, no matter how good it is, with our at least giving it what I would term visibility with what’s going to happen on reconciliation,” Senator Mark Warner said. “I and others have to say” ‘I can live with this part and not that part.'”


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