Republican Megadonors Koch Network Vows To Look Into Lawmakers’ Actions In Riots


The Koch political network, funders of the Republican party, says going forward it will “weigh heavy” Congress members’ actions in the days leading up to the Capitol riot last week when considering giving donations.

The decision is a sign that the GOP’s megadonor doesn’t agree with the party’s recent actions or responses to what transpired last Wednesday when a massive mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, leaving five dead.

Koch network told POLITICO that it would take the tragic event seriously when donating millions of dollars in the next election cycle.

“Lawmakers’ actions leading up to and during last week’s insurrection will weigh heavy in our evaluation of future support. And we will continue to look for ways to support those policymakers who reject the politics of division and work together to move our country forward,” said Emily Seidel, CEO of Americans for Prosperity and senior adviser to AFP Action, the group’s super PAC.

Koch was already in the works of distancing itself from the Tea Party. Billionaire Charles Koch’s dissatisfaction with President Trump’s tactics and policies has increased, and he chose not to support him during the 2016 or 2020 election bids, POLITICO reported.

Koch followed the other numerous corporate PACs that halted their donations to Republicans who opposed President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral victory last week. Clients and customers pressured businesses to take action. 

Megadonors, which consists of a small class of brand-named billionaires who give millions each election cycle—believe their reputation is at risk if they continue to back lawmakers who sided with Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud.

Some GOP donors, including the Ricketts family of Chicago, Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus, and financier Ken Griffin have chosen not to disclose their plans of donations following the Capitol siege. It’s believed that some, like Chicago Cubs co-owner Todd Ricketts, who is the Republican National Committee finance chair, are expected to stay supporting candidates that are allied with Trump. However, their refusal to stand up for Trump and his supporters could be a sign that they are uncomfortable with where the party is going.

“I would be incredibly concerned about this if it was my lane,” said a Republican operative with experience fundraising for Senate races. “The problem is, if corporate PACs aren’t going to give money, corporate executives aren’t going to give money.”

Florida Senator Rick Scott, the incoming chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee and a powerhouse fundraiser made things more complicated when he voted against certifying election results in Pennsylvania, the news outlet stated.

It’s predicted that Scott will be a 2024 GOP presidential candidate. In a series of phone calls this week, he tried to reassure his skeptical and angry donors by saying he is still well-positioned to lead the committee, two sources close to the situation stated.

He also sent a two-minute video to donors marking the start of his chair role and avoided speaking on the violence that took place at the Capitol or Trump’s months of baseless election fraud claims. He focused on the high stakes of the 2022 congressional elections and the idea of raising a “bazillon” dollars to get the Senate back.

“If we fail to become the party that is trusted to lead America into the future, Democrats will lead America to the past,” Scott says in the video. “They will erode our economy and our culture, and turn America into just another decaying example of socialism. We won’t let that happen.”

NRSC spokesperson, Chris Hartline, released a statement after being asked about Scott’s efforts to soothe donors: “Chairman Scott has been having great conversations with donors, activists, and Republican senators over the last few days. Everyone is focused on the challenge ahead and excited to get to work to win back the Senate majority.”

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