Republican Lawmakers Went To US-Mexico Border With A Terrorist That Participated In U.S. Capitol Seize

A Youtuber that participated in the January 6 insurrection went on a trip to the U.S.-Mexico border with Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and other Republican members of Congress on Tuesday night.

Anthony Aguero was seen on videos and pictures with Republican lawmakers at the border. Aguero was heard translating conversations with migrants to congress members.

“Hi guys, Congressman Hawthorn is behind me,” Aguero said during a live stream. “That is freaking awesome. That is freaking awesome. I’ll tell you that.”

Aguero chatted with Representatives Tom Tiffany, Lauren Boebert, Madison Cawthorn, Chris Jacobs, Michael Cloud, John Rose, Ronny Jackson, and Mary Miller.

The terrorist told his viewer during the live stream that Border Patrol was herding immigrants crossing the border.

“I appreciate the Congressmen and Congresswomen that went out their way to come to the border to see the crisis for themselves,” Aguero said to CNN.

Aguero has not been charged for breaking into the United States Capitol on January 6. In an email to CNN, the Federal Bureau of Investigation declined to answer whether Aguero was under investigation.

According to CNN, the Republican Study Committee organized the trip to the border.

Aguero told Republican lawmakers that he was at the Capitol working as an independent journalist with Border Network News.

In 2020, Aguero ran for Congress for Texas’ 16th congressional district.

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